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Dagny is a very compassionate person who created a safe environment and then guided me skillfully through a tough healing process. I felt her caring heart with me every step of the way, which was vital to my healing. She’s a lovely soul who’s committed to her work. Using Quantum Healing Hypnosis, she helped me in my process of transforming my inner tapestry to reclaim my personal power.
Rev. Lashell Moon, Founder of Life Unlimited, Inc., a holistic practice.
My session with Dagny has been life changing. The vision, healing, and exploration we shared are deeply etched in my heart. Rarely does a day pass when I don’t think about what I learned. Rarely does a day pass when I ponder if I am practicing all that I learned. Since my session with Dagny, my wife and I have made decisions that move towards the vision that emerged from that session. My work with Dagny has provided a star on which I can orient my journey. Profound. Sacred. Sincere.
Besides doing deep healing work with Dagny, you will find a safe harbor of truly unconditional love and full acceptance. Dagny’s gentle soul, kind words, and bright light are so reassuring during the turbulent times of our journey. Her wisdom, understanding, and compassion are far reaching and warmly embracing. Dagny is to live for!
Paul Knoll, Shaman and Founder of To Live For (see attached video interview)
“Having met Dagny through Maine Island Trail Association volunteer work, we subsequently stayed at Greenlake where we visited and then did some meditation/healing/pondering work together.  Dagny’s gentle and intuitive way of proceeding was both comforting and confidence building.
She takes care to explain process and followup.  She gave me unselfish time and great energy for the work of looking back to help better experience the future. ”