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$250 per Quantum Hypnosis Healing
$100 per Intuitive Reading and Healing
$75 per Polarity Therapy Massage

A sliding scale for payment is also available

A shortened version of Quantum Healing Hypnosis
Cost of BQH is $200.
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It’s a form of intuitive soul reading that involves hypnosis and enables me to access your inner wisdom, your intuition, the area of yourself that “just knows the answer”, before your ego mind fills you with doubt and fear. You’re able to ask any questions that you would like answers to. Sometimes it feels like what I call your HIGHER SELF talking, or your divine Source Energy, or if you’re more scientifically oriented, then it’s the quantum field of information. Just know that everything,….you, me and all material things in existence…. when reduced to particles, is actually just information. We humans have the ability to connect to this field. Beyond Quantum Healing does that instantly!


“Using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Dagny helped me in my process of transforming my inner tapestry to reclaim my personal power.”

 How does Quantum Healing work?  What to Expect?

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session (QHHT), which generally lasts 3 to 4 hours, consists of the following:

The Interview

During the interview I establish trust and rapport and learn about the client’s life journey and concerns.

The Questions

Clients come with 10 to 20 or more questions about their life, their purpose, their relationships and their physical and spiritual concerns.

The Induction (Hypnosis)

I like to do the session with the client lying on a bed and the induction takes about 15 minutes. It is very important to record the session and I ask the client to bring their own recording device or tablet or smart phone. Discovering and exploring a past life often takes an hour.

Talk with the Higher Self or Subconscious

After the exploration of a past life or sometimes events in this present life time, I talk with the client’s higher self or soul self and ask the very questions the client has come with. So the client hears him or herself answering their own questions from a very deep and wise place.

Discussion After the Session

Time is taken to review what has transpired and make sure the client is ready to feel complete.