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What is Quantum Healing?

In my work I go to the place where there is trauma and help a soul move out of that place and into the light.

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Recently Featured in the Huffington Post

When she was six years old, Dagny’s father took her outside to dig up potato plants. The plants started talking to her. Terrified, she ran indoors and hid. She was too frightened to try to explain to her family what had happened. Throughout her childhood these odd occurrences continued.  Read the full article here

 Paul Knoll, Founder of To Live For

My session with Dagny has been life changing. The vision, healing, and exploration we shared are deeply etched in my heart. Rarely does a day pass when I don’t think about what I learned. Rarely does a day pass when I ponder if I am practicing all that I learned. Since my session with Dagny, my wife and I have made decisions that move towards the vision that emerged from that session. My work with Dagny has provided a star on which I can orient my journey. Profound. Sacred. Sincere.


“Having met Dagny through Maine Island Trail Association volunteer work, we subsequently stayed at Greenlake where we visited and then did some meditation/healing/pondering work together.  Dagny’s gentle and intuitive way of proceeding was both comforting and confidence building.  She takes care to explain process and followup.  She gave me unselfish time and great energy for the work of looking back to help better experience the future. ” 


Working with Dagny gives me a larger sense of connectedness to my life story. It is as if the camera pulled back and reveled the bigger picture, when I had been in the habit of looking at my life one frame at a time. I’m experiencing a deeper sense of peace and purpose.  Insights and awareness are keener, and I am able to step back and see situations as learning experiences in real time.  Relationships and interactions lost their randomness, and patterns emerge that point the way to greater growth and a deep sense of peace.

 Our Unique Essential Purpose

Each of us has a unique essential purpose, if not many purposes, to fulfill in this lifetime.Think of this for a moment, there is no one else on the planet that is here to be who you are and give what you have to give. No one else. Just as your DNA and your fingerprints are uniquely you, so is your life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose is always evolving. It is not something you create. It is not some great idea you come up with. Your purpose is there all the time and it is always calling you.
Purpose is spirit seeking expression. When we tap into that expression, we find the defining thread running through our life and we integrate all our life’s experience. When we recognize our innate purpose, we fulfill not only our destiny but we begin to change the world, we create a world of peace, harmony and love,  by fulfilling our own unique purpose.