Dagny St John – Medical Intuitive


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What is your life’s purpose and are you aligned?

Working from the belief that each person’s body knows its own way back to healing, I use my gifts as an energy healer and medical intuitive to harmonize the body, mind and spirit . By tapping into a web of information and consciousness far beyond our planetary system, where all past, present, and future creativity and energy reside, I access guidance from such entities as Edgar Cayce, one of the world’s foremost medical intuitives.


Sometimes we need help finding answers when we can’t get them ourselves.
Sometimes we need help understanding our relationships.
Sometimes we need direction and guidance when we feel stuck or afraid.
Sometimes we need help with our aches and pains and illnesses.
Sometimes we need insight into how we can heal ourselves.
Sometimes it’s useful to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes.
Sometimes we want to know about our guides and angels so we don’t feel so alone.
And sometimes we need words of hope and ways to find them.

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